LG G3 vs HTC One M8, una imagen compara sus dimensiones


LG G3 vs HTC One M8, una imagen compara sus dimensiones

Queda menos de un día para que el LG G3 sea presentado. El nuevo buque insignia del fabricante coreano ha sufrido una multitud de filtraciones, por lo que no nos vamos a engañar: queda muy poco que mostrar. Y más ahora que se ha filtrado una imagen en la que se compara el LG G3 con el HTC One M8.

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Casteando: reproduce Atresplayer, Mitele y más canales a través de Chromecast en la TV


Casteando: reproduce Atresplayer, Mitele y más canales a través de Chromecast en la TV

Chromecast ya está en España oficialmente desde hace un tiempo. El stick HDMI con el que Google quiere que mandemos contenidos multimedia a la televisión de forma rápida y sencilla es uno de los gadgets más prometedores y baratos.

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Apple Bites

Apple on developing an ARM-based Mac, from MacRumors:

An analysis in 2012 suggested that Apple shifting from intel to ARM wasn’t implausible but it faced several hurdles. The most significant one was Apple’s own ARM chips being able to keep pace with Intel’s future roadmaps. Apple, however, has been making great strides in performance in their ARM processors. The A7 chip is currently being underutilized in Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, leaving some of it’s power untapped.

Now, I’m not an expert on software architecture, but my guess would be that Apple would struggle big time trying to get developers work their existing Mac apps from the ground up to make them work on ARM. Second con: Power users switching from Windows rely on virtual machines to get their work done on Windows apps.

My opinion, if Apple ever releases an ARM based Mac, they will keep Intel around…

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Kakao And Daum To Merge, Creating One Of South Korea’s Largest Internet Companies


Kakao Corp and Daum announced today that they will merge through an equity swap, creating a company with a 3.4 trillion won (about $2.9 billion) market capitalization. Kakao is the maker of KakaoTalk, South Korea’s top messaging service, while Daum is one of the country’s largest Internet portals. If the deal goes through, the combined company will be listed in October.

Kakao and Daum stand to become one of South Korea’s largest Internet companies and will be better positioned to compete against Naver, South Korea’s largest Internet portal and the maker of KakaoTalk competitor Line, which is aiming for one billion users by the end of 2015. Line had about 400 million users as of April, while about 130 million people use KakaoTalk.

News of Kakao and Daum’s merger follows the $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook and Japanese Internet giant Rakuten’s purchase of Viber for $900…

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Apps of the Week

Psyber Consulting

Due to none last week, this is one of two articles for this week. We’ve got a movie tie-in game that’s actually decent, a word translation app and a hit indie title hitting the iPad.

Godzilla: Smash3

Yes, the tie-in videogame for the new Godzilla movie is a match-three puzzle game – and it’s apparently quite good, according to reviews. As with match-three titles like Dungeon Raid, you’ll need to match identical pieces to keep Godzilla going – and different pieces have different effects too. Neat.

Godzilla: Smash3 is free to play on Android and iOS.

Thomas Was Alone

Popular PC and console title Thomas Was Alone has finally made its way to mobile – and yes, it’s made the transition intact. The game sees you playing as Thomas, a bit of code that becomes self-aware and has to find his way through a strange world. All of this is…

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